Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach

An extensive white sandy beach located on the banks of Persian Gulf in Jumeirah district is the captivating Jumeirah Beach giving space for hundreds of people to sit and relax looking at the setting sun. The visitors come to stay at the luxurious Jumeirah Hotels come to the private beaches to relax and to do some water based activities and exhilarating sports.

Jumeirah Beach is one of the most popular and most visited public beaches in Dubai. The white sandy beach stretches along the coastal area of the city and has many large resorts and hotels close to its frontage area. Jumeirah Beach has been named after Jumeirah district from where the beach originates.

The stunning views of Jumeirah Beach provide the much-needed respite from stress. Lounging here provides a complete entertainment site and visitors will enjoy everything here. The sea shore features a host of restaurants and shopping zones close to it. For those who love the sun can get their suntan while others can relax on the sand envisioning the deep blue sea.

The park adjoining the beach has a playground for kids and a whole lot of areas dedicated to barbecues and picnic areas. Surroundings are very clean and neat but if you go during the day the heat might take a toll on you. Entry to the Jumeirah beach is accessible from early morning till late at night without any charge but if you would like to access the park, the minimum amount will be levied. It is advisable to carry a water bottle and sun screen cream.

Jumeirah Beach

The food glorious festival which takes place for about a month is perhaps the most crowded times at the beach and a huge number of people participate in the proceedings. The walk which is a famous walk down innumerable food stalls from French street foods to local delights is a must-visit place here. The park here also poses as a great tourist attraction where visitors can relax swimming or playing sports like Volleyball etc.

One of the most popular beaches in Dubai, Jumeirah is heavily crowded because of its affinity to many malls and stores on the shore. It provides a perfect escape and surely is one of the delightful experiences you will have.

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